Wednesday, September 29, 2010

HouseMaster can help with, "How To Pass A Home Inspection"

You want a sale without surprises.
Pre-Inspected HouseMaster delivers.

Actually it is a misconception to think of a home inspection as a "pass" or fail test. Rather, a home inspection is the assessment of the condition of the major accessible elements of the home, by a licensed, and professionally trained inspector.

Most people think of a home inspection when it comes time to buy a home, but fewer think of it when selling.

But the fact is, making a home inspection report available to prospective home buyers is a very smart idea. It can help set a more realistic selling price and eliminate contract delays and last minute deal issues. And with HouseMaster's on line reporting system each pre-inspected listing CAN HELP YOU GENERATE BUYER LEADS!

Your listing can be promoted as Pre-Inspected with HouseMaster online advertising tools and you can make the inspection report available to prospective buyers via a password protected website. Interested buyers can contact you for a copy of the report giving you an opportunity to cultivate leads with truly serious home buyers.

Joe DeMars, San Diego HouseMaster Home Inspector
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